About Us

The Philippine Hotel Owners Association, Inc.

The Philippine Hotel Owners Association is a non-stock, non-profit organization composed of owners of the country’s major accommodation providers — hotels, resorts, tourist inns, pension houses, serviced apartments, and the like. We have been protecting and promoting the common interests and concerns of members by pooling together talents and resources that advocate the development of the Philippine accommodation industry.

About the Association

The Association was founded in 1977 by a group of hotel owners. PHOA, by virtue of being the largest group of hotel investors, developers, and owners, with 215 member hotels, is the voice of the accommodation sector.

PHOA is an advocacy group to protect the financial interests of hotel owners. It allows its general membership to be heard by the government lawmakers and executive departments on policy issues and unfair legislation that affect the viability of the hotel industry.

PHOA was established to:

Take up the role as the single, dominant voice representing the private business sector in the accommodation industry, especially in matters of policies, laws, rules, and regulations, and other dealings with the government.

Foster adherence to ethical and professional standards of fair business practices among accommodation providers to promote their common welfare. Our members must maintain amicable relations by fully cooperating and consolidating efforts in studying and solving various problems affecting their areas of activity and exchanging information related to the progress of the accommodation industry.

Promote, safeguard, and enhance the interests of members in all areas and relationships, including policies that may affect economic growth and industrial harmony.

Encourage unity, goodwill, and mutual cooperation among the entities engaged in the accommodation industry.

Serve as the forum for the development of a consensus for the accommodation industry.

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Our Vision

We envision PHOA to be the leading organization that plays a major role in the growth of the Philippine economy and the betterment of the Filipino’s quality of life through a strong, stable, and expanding hotel industry.

Our Mission

PHOA is the representative body of all hotel establishments nationwide in dealing with government agencies in formulating and implementing laws and policies towards a highly competitive and professional industry.

We dedicate ourselves to providing responsive, timely, and effective services to our members; promoting the growth and wellbeing of the hotel personnel; helping members achieve financial success; and contributing to the social and economic development of the community.

In order to fulfill our Vision and Mission, we will:

As the representative of the Philippine accommodation industry, formulate and implement government policies and regulations that are favorable to hotel investors

In order to fulfill our Vision and Mission, we will:

Ensure that our members’ expectations are served

In order to fulfill our Vision and Mission, we will:

Communicate the current trends in the industry and make sure that hotel personnel are kept abreast with these developments

In order to fulfill our Vision and Mission, we will:

Establish and maintain a Secretariat that will handle PHOA’s day-to-day operations

In order to fulfill our Vision and Mission, we will:

Set standards for each hotel classification and establish accreditation procedures